Electronic Submission of Forms (Rates, Government Rent and Tenancy Matters)
Electronic Submission of Forms
Rating and Valuation Department
System Requirements
Please refer to the System Requirements for GovHK Online Services and note that:
(i) some versions of software may cause problems in accessing GovHK Online Services. Please refer to our suggestions through the above link for details;
(ii) when completing a e-Form provided on this website, you need to follow the guides and directions given throughout the form. There may be abnormal behaviors if you use functions or hot keys provided by browsers.
Optional Items
For printing of acknowledgement or enquiry results.
Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS)
For input, display and processing of Chinese characters specific to Hong Kong.    [Details]
e-Cert and Smart Card Reader
For submitting application with e-Cert authentication.
Hong Kong Post Root CA Certificates
For setting up some old browsers to recognise digital certificates issued by Hongkong Post, so as to establish a secure connection to RVD's e-Form website.    [Details]